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My Tesla Dilemma

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January 2016

I was in Kowloon, Hong Kong when I saw a Tesla Model S up close for the first time. It was instant infatuation.

The model’s impressive exterior aesthetics and the ‘spaceship-like’ touchscreen infotainment system seduced me. It also had inexplicable, Ferrari-crushing acceleration and it was electric 8-).

After this first encounter, I started seeing Tesla’s everywhere. The desire to own one increasing with every sudden glimpse.

Being a certified (self-certified :P) gadget expert, I’ve always fancied myself as an early adopter of new tech, so I genuinely felt an obligation to own one. There was also the novelty of trying a non-German car manufacturer for the first time in over 13 years. 

May 2017

However in 2017, I bought a new car. It was German (again) and it wasn’t electric. Worse still, it wasn’t even a petrol car. 😳

So, why didn’t I buy a Tesla? It was mainly due to practical reasons…

I couldn’t charge it at my house

My garage is detached from my house and is impractical for everyday use. (Please don’t ask me why, it’s a long story). And the effort to make it practical was just not worth it. Therefore, was no feasible way of installing a private charging point at my house.

I couldn’t charge it near my house

There were no public chargers anywhere near my house:!:

Feared that I wouldn’t be able to charge it on the road

I remember looking for Tesla Superchargers in and around London and they were very sparsely populated. I also thought that Tesla owners would be forming queues to charge their cars at the few public charging points that seemed to exist at the time.

The price

The base price (over £75k) for the Model S felt steep, especially considering the constraints owning one would have on me.

As I had Dieselgate in the back of mind, I did consider other fully electric car manufacturers and was willing to forgo my badge snobbery for a greater cause. But, this which was a disastrously fruitless exercise.

The other options available at the time were hideously ugly, simple as that.

I assumed that the big German manufacturers were still ignorant to the fact that a tech guy with no car manufacturing experience had gate-crashed their party and started eating their cake #disrupted.

March 2020

Fast forward to March 2020 and the popularity of Tesla as a brand and business has continued to explode.

I still want a Tesla but the number of alternative manufacturers to consider, now including models that are much easier to look at, has increased.

Charging points in public places are increasingly more common. There is one about 15 minutes’ walk away from my house now.

However, I still think that the public battery charging options and speed of charging need to improve to support the mass adoption of electric car.  

Either way, I think I’m willing to take the plunge soon!

Anthony Akadiri
Anthony Akadiri
I'm a writer who doesn't like writing many words and a management consultant with a disorganised social life. I like tech, business, positive people and long holidays 😀

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