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Social Network: Experiment gone good

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Once upon a time (let’s call it circa 2007), I like many million others around the globe joined that social network ****book.
It was a fresh new platform who’s uptake spread faster than an Australian bush fire (to soon?) and hammered the final nail in the coffin for *y *pace.

A great mechanism for connecting with old school acquaintances (let’s face it, if they were really friends, you’d have already been in contact), family and random strangers from around the globe enticing you with once in a lifetime offers. Let’s not forget the invitations to join a slew of games you never knew you needed in your life.

Very soon ‘we’ developed an addiction for red notification indicators across three principal categories – don’t pretend you don’t know exactly what I mean. A means of validating one’s popularity, some even ignored said notifications until the number was significantly large to then exclaim to others the ridiculous number they get #truestory. Some never had many notifications at all, despite how many times they checked per hour, for multiple consecutive hours.

A virus will adapt and mutate based on what it is exposed to and so did this network, mutating over time shaped in part by its users, corporate motivations (read as money). The number of users exploded and with the bountiful harvest of data came new, let’s call them opportunities. It’s the stuff elections are made of. Literally.

With everything man made that appears to be good, often a dark side emerges. Just look at margarine, low fat anything and diesel! All seemed like a good idea at the time. The network to spawned a dark side and lead to the exaggeration of certain human traits and behaviours, not to mention coining various phrases, my least liked rhyming with grape 😐

So the question in all of my rambling preamble is: does the World continue to turn if I left the network? I decided to find out; the reasons, a multi-layered combination of personal introspection, personal circumstance and a genuine curiosity.

Flash forward 5 weeks since account deactivation took place and I’ll be honest and admit that I thought that I would crack and relapse to satisfy that inexplicable urge to be continually disappointed scrolling through the endless abyss.

Reassuringly, I found that the world does indeed continue to revolve around the sun and there has been precisely zero impact on my life being away from it. I’ve Crucially for me it is worth noting that I don’t laud my unplugging over others in some evangelical proclamation about why you should all follow suit, but quietly pleased with my decision.

Long may this feeling last.

Stephen Hugh-Kong
Stephen Hugh-Kong
I am the sum of many fractions of many things!

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