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Friday Night House Party

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When was the last time that you went to a good house party?

Original Plan v1.0

The plan for Friday 20th March 2020 was so simple that I’m reluctant to even call it a plan in all honesty. It’s a PARTY night plan that many of us are familiar with (bear with me parents of young children who haven’t been out in years because the logistical coordination required, coupled with associated babysitting expenses is more hassle than its worth – armies have mobilised with less effort).

You’ve dragged yourself through the longest 7.5 hours of the work week, counting down each of the 450 minutes. At 5pm, suddenly you find a new lease of energy that would perplex your boss given the lethargy you’ve displayed since lunch time. You get home, assembly your crew Avengers style, you get the pre-party drinks going and blast out some tunes to get you hyped for the night ahead!

It suddenly hits you like a bucket of iced water to the face, ALS challenge style. We’re in the middle of a global pandemic, with country wide lock down in effect. Public gatherings of more than 2 people, a dog, a cat and the neighbourhood rat are outlawed; mild exaggeration, but close!

New Plan – Cobra level clearance required

Despite having to get to the supermarket at 5am to secure a responsible amount of toilet paper and sitting in meetings at work discussing business continuity plans, thinking agile, I’m still aggrieved at the fact that the one crowded event in the heart of the city that I was looking forward to was cancelled. The trauma was just too much.

When I was just about to peel back the label on a tub of Haagen Dazs Praline & Cream ice-cream [amazingly people weren’t panic buying this even though it was on offer; half price] to console myself, I get a message saying that the event for tonight is being streamed LIVE.

Executing The Plan

Slight hiccup to the new plan. Its been two months since I’ve parted ways with the particular social network the event was going to be streamed on. Now, I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but surely there was some plot here to thwart/flummox/scupper/ ruin my night out AND in. Well okay, maybe that’s not true; the moon landing was faked, and I have the photos to prove it!

I needed a plan C and quick! It dawned on me that not everyone else here has come off of ****book, so it was just a case of convincing one of them to log on my laptop to connect up to the TV so that the volume can be turned up. That was a 20 minute debate by the way. You know how funny we get about showing certain stuff.

Party Time

After a delay of nearly two hours, the event finally went live! Live from the DJ’s house! The tunes started and suddenly in my living-room, it felt like I was genuinely at a house party.

I told one of my good friends in Geneva about the event as they were bored at home and was curious what I was up to. Then I thought, how cool is this that I am partying with someone from another country!

2.5 hours later and after a small technical hitch (the neighbours next to the DJ started knocking on the door), the party was done. Top night IN people, top night!

Moral of the story?

Always have someone in the household who is all over social media so that you can use their account for your own gain, while upholding the fact that you aren’t on it! Ha!

But, on a more (I don’t really mean serious) serious note. It is during these times that technology comes to the fore to demonstrate to us just how ‘connected’ to one another we can be. In real time and on an international scale!

The same event is on next Friday. Party at my house and you’re ALL invited.

Stephen Hugh-Kong
Stephen Hugh-Kong
I am the sum of many fractions of many things!

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