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3 apps that could help you make money from your sofa

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There are 3 apps that could help you to make money on your sofa.

1. AliExpress

You’ve might have heard of a website called Alibaba.

Alibaba is an online, business to business wholesale website. You can practically buy any physical item on Alibaba, which you can import from vendors and resell.

A big issue for people who are new to buying and selling stuff from Alibaba, is that a lot of vendors require large minimum order quantities, to be able to place an order.

The results in a high ‘barrier to entry’.

Alibaba probably identified this issue themselves and created another website called AliExpress, which offer goods for sale with no or very low minimum order quantities.

There are at least 29 consumer focused categories where you can browse products to buy and resell.

This app enables you to buy stuff.

2. eBay

Surely, eBay needs no introduction? However, instead of spending money, the goal for using this app now should hopefully be to make some money.

Before you buy anything to sell on eBay, you need to do some market research to confirm if it is worth it.

AliExpress is not a secret app and lots of sellers use it and other similar apps to source products to sell.

Here are a few things that I would research before selecting a product to sell on eBay

Count how many sellers are selling the same product

Their might be other sellers selling the same thing. This may not actually be an issue, but you need to be able to still make profit, selling at a similar price point to your competitors. People are unlikely to pay higher price for the same item.

Count the quantities of items sold, looking at the buy it now figure

This gives an indication if the item is popular, but this is a double edge sword. If, for example, there is a product that multiple sellers have sold thousands of, this might indicate that the item is popular.

However, I believe that eBay’s search results promotes sellers with high sales volume and very good feedback.

So it may be unlikely to expect the same volume of sales immediately for the same product as a new seller.

Compare the delivery options and pricing

A lot of sellers offer ‘Fast and Free’ postage on eBay sales. However, the cost of postage is usually built into the ‘BUY IT NOW’ price.

Do not bother adding any postage costs separately for items with standard postage. People seem to be drawn to the ‘Fast and Free’ badge and you should leverage that.

Also, uou need to consider eBay’s seller and transactions fees to when calculating your potential profit.

This app enables you to sell stuff.

3. Royal Mail

Once you have sold your first item on eBay, you need to pack the product and send it to the buyer.

In the UK, Royal Mail has an easy to use app for this. It is easy to use, and you print the postage labels at home.

There is also an option to buy postage within eBay too.

This app enables you to post stuff.

All you need to do now if work out what to sell!

Anthony Akadiri
Anthony Akadiri
I'm a writer who doesn't like writing many words and a management consultant with a disorganised social life. I like tech, business, positive people and long holidays 😀

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